your rights

Your Rights

Though the planning permission for High Leigh Garden Village has been approved it does not mean your right to complain is removed.

Broxbourne Borough Council and Hertfordshire County Council should amongst other things:

  • Seek to uphold the planning permission
  • Investigate potential planning permission breaches
  • Investigate potential nuisances (dust, noise, light and others)

and it shall be the duty of every local authority to cause its area to be inspected from time to time to detect any statutory nuisances which ought to be dealt with under section 80 below [F7or sections 80 and 80A below] and, where a complaint of a statutory nuisance is made to it by a person living within its area, to take such steps as are reasonably practicable to investigate the complaint.

Source: Environmental Protection Act 1990 – Section 79

What should I do if I think planning permission has been breached or have a complaint?

You can lodge a complaint with Hertfordshire County Council and Broxbourne Borough Council asking them to investigate the potential breach of planning permission.

Hertfordshire County Council (Complain to Highways, roads and environment):

Broxbourne Borough Council:

The council hasn’t addressed the questions or concerns I raised fully. What now?

Hertfordshire County Council and Broxbourne Borough Council should reply to your complaint personally and address all concerns raised in your complaint fully.

If you are receiving stock responses or responses that do not fully address your complaint then you should request your complaint to be escalated.

You should take note if they failed to address your complaint correctly at the start, then if you decide to later lodge a complaint with the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman you’ll be able to let them know you do not think your complaint was handled correctly at the start.

The council have replied and disagreed with my complaint, or will not peruse a potential planning breach. What do I do now?

If you disagree with their view you can continue to escalate your complaint with Broxbourne Council and Hertfordshire County Council until reaching the final stage. They should have informed you of their complaints procedure and how to escalate your complaint. 

Please note, we’ve noticed in some cases that Broxbourne Borough Council do not explicitly to inform people of their rights to lodge complaints with Local Government & Social Care Ombudsman or that they may escalate their complaint to the next step of their complaints procedure. We find this worrying and hope they will inform people better in future at each stage of a complaint on how they may escalate it.

I’ve reached the end of the councils complaints procedure and I’m still unsatisfied. 

After exhausting Broxbourne Borough Councils or Hertfordshire County Councils complaints procedure you may lodge a complaint with the Local Government & Social Care Ombudsman

We’ve noticed that sometimes the applicable councils will not inform you of your rights to escalate complaints and sometimes will not inform you of the LGO.

In addition to this we would recommend that you raise your issue with Broxbourne Councillors, your MP and Councillior Paul Mason.

Member of Parliament for Broxbourne:

Broxbourne Councillors:

Contact your local councillors

As well as lodging a complaint with Broxbourne Council you should also contact your local councillors to raise the issue.

Full list of councillors here: