Multitude of complaints regarding Taylor Wimpey properties on TrustPilot and Facebook

The new housing development of High Leigh Garden Village is being built in part by Taylor Wimpey.

Concerningly there are a substantial amount of Taylor Wimpey homebuyers on Facebook, twitter, BBC news and TrustPilot who have had issues with their property. Taylor Wimpey issues have also previously been highlighted on BBC Watchdog.

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High Leigh Garden Village Phase 2

High Leigh Garden Village phase 2 application has been submitted.

You have until the 18th February 2020 to send your comments regarding phase 2 of the development to [email protected]

You can find the new reserved matters documents on the planning portal.

Planning reference: 07/13/0899/O
Reserved matters reference (new reserved matters documents can be found here): 07/20/0046/RM

Search the references on the Broxbourne planning portal:

Click here to go to the planning portal

Latest Information on High Leigh Garden Village

In response to questions 1, 4 and 5, the information that the Council holds on those with an interest in High Leigh is taken from the 2015 section 106 agreement on which the following names appear:

Mr D E Brock-Jest
Mr A C Spicer and Mr F T O’Connell (administrators for Hubert C Leach (High Leigh) Ltd Hubert C Leach (High Leigh) Ltd The Directors Empire LIH Limited Mr R A N Jest Mr T B Perkins

It is known to the Council that LIH has taken possession of the interests of Hubert C Leach (High Leigh) Ltd and it is understood that this company has no remaining interest.

The Council has met with the prospective developer of the majority of the High Leigh site and it is understood that LIH will publicise the identity of that developer shortly. However, at the present time that information is confidential.

LGO Complaint Upheld Against Broxbourne Borough Council – High Leigh Garden Village

On the 31st May 2019 a complaint against Broxbourne Borough Council was finalised and the complaint was upheld. This complaint was in relation to the late overnight works for High Leigh Garden Village.

Summary: Mr Y complains about the Council’s decision not to enforce against breaches of planning control at a development site close to his home. The Ombudsman does not uphold this part of the complaint because the Council was entitled to resolve the breaches informally. Mr Y also complains about the Council’s decision to grant permission for noisy works under Section 61 of the Control of Pollution Act. The Ombudsman finds fault because the Council approved the application without visiting the site and noting errors in the measurements. This meant the developer was not required to install additional acoustic barriers, and so Mr Y suffered more disturbance than necessary for eight nights in total. The Council will apologise and pay £150 to Mr Y.

LGO, 31st May 2019
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Lord Street Works Start on 7th January 2019

Please message Councillor Paul Mason at Hertfordshire County Council about this pressing matter: [email protected]

We hope Paul Mason will choose to listen to residents of Lord Street and Hoddesdon.

We’ve been tricked regarding the use of Lord Street by Hertfordshire County Council. We do understand that utility companies have powers to carry out works on public highways, but this is beside the point.

What we don’t understand is why Hertfordshire County Council or another party didn’t disclose this at The Spotlight, Broxbourne Civic Hall. We were told Lord Street would only be used for emergency access and access to limited parts of the development!

It is not right that local authorities are allowed to commit such deceitful actions. It’s time for Hertfordshire County Council to come clean about how this mess regarding Lord Street occurred and why they didn’t tell us earlier.

Now residents of Lord Street and Hoddesdon are faced with a closure up to 15 weeks, with total permission to carry out various works for 18 months!

“The only part of the development to take access from Lord Street will be the proposed sports pitches and pavilion and a handful of houses to the south of Lord Street. That has been the case since very early on in the planning of High Leigh and is what was presented at the Spotlight.” – Jeff Stack, CEO Broxbroune Borough Council.

If you think you may be affected by these works on Lord Street then please see the Your Rights page and lodge multiple complaints.