Broxbourne’s Awful Air

Did you know Broxbourne has some of the worst air quality in the country? Broxbourne Council are failing to monitor and control PM2.5, PM10 and Nitrogen dioxide emissions from construction sites around their Borough, so its residents may face adverse health effects, especially if they have pre-existing conditions such as asthma.

According to Public Health England, air pollution is attributed to between 28,000 and 36,000 deaths per year in the UK.

“There is strong evidence that air pollution causes the development of coronary heart disease, stroke, respiratory disease and lung cancer, and exacerbates asthma.” –

It’s time for Broxbourne Borough Council to clean up their act and our air. Broxbourne Borough Council don’t want to upset Taylor Wimpey so are risking residents health and wellbeing instead.

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Broxbourne Council allows Taylor Wimpey to gamble with local children’s health

The applicants, Taylor Wimpey and Lands Improvement Holdings have allowed large mounds of soil to be pilled up all over the site in warm and windy conditions.

Many of these mounds are entirely uncompressed and some will likely suffer significant wind whip, dispersing particles into the nearby air that residents breathe and covering their cars & property. Local residents on Lord Street, Kennedy avenue, Box Lane and beyond will likely be affected by the applicants inconsiderate actions. Some local residents are now reporting they have developed a cough.

The particles that are being released from the site into children’s lungs can cause a variety of respiratory damage and may worsen allergies or asthma. The applicant is fully aware of the “high risk” to human receptors in their Environmental Statement regarding PM10 and dust, yet they’ve largely ignore it, only occasionally implementing some measures.

Particulates released into the air, especially those PM2.5 and PM10 particles are particularly harmful to human health, not to mention the dust that builds up on local residents property.

Broxbourne Council are attempting to turn a blind eye to the Environmental destruction and issues High Leigh Garden Village is causing. They see complaints as problematic and seemingly want us to remain quiet.

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“Becomes particularly problematic if and where the neighbours are correct in their assertions”

Below is an expert of an email between Taylor Wimpey and the Head of Planning and Development at Broxbourne Borough Council.

The Head of Planning and Development raises concerns that residents are ‘closely scrutinising’ and reporting ‘potential transgressions’ to Broxbourne Council regarding the High Leigh Garden Village development.

Is it really problematic if local residents of Hoddesdon point out issues about the HLGV development?

Maybe Broxbourne Council would have preferred Hoddesdons local residents to remain quiet while the developer removed a protected tree, so it wouldn’t become ‘problematic’?

Snippet of email between Taylor Wimpey and Head of Planning and Development

Pitiful 3 Extra Trees and Phase 2/3

The Council announced at the most recent planning meeting (14th April 2021 – that the applicant(s) will be planting 3 extra trees and various unspecified commitments to a planting project with the local school.

This is a pitiful amount of redress for the environmental damage done so far to the trees on Bramble Lane, including one protected tree that was fully removed.

Shockingly Taylor Wimpey are still resisting joining the Considerate Constructors Scheme after all this, even though it is stated in their application for the current phase they would join! They did not and consultees and the Council were provided with misleading documents by the applicant.

If the site was already registered with the Considerate Constructors Scheme, then the fencing and signage for the protected trees may have been installed correctly before significant construction work was undertaken near the protected trees.

If the High Leigh Garden Village site was undertaken with care, consideration and with the expected regard to the environment, then they would have likely avoided damaging trees and a removal of a protected tree on Bramble Lane!

You can send comments regarding their recent application (07/21/0405/RM) for 144 houses to [email protected] or contact the planning officer on 01992 2785562.

When submitting comments please request that the environment is protected and that the applicant joins the Considerate Constructors Scheme. Please try to submit your comments by the end of April 2021.

Planning application search: Search for the reference 07/21/0405/RM

Misleading information regarding the Considerate Constructors Scheme submitted by the applicant

Broxbourne Borough Council Give Green Light to Remove and Destroy ‘Protected’ Trees

Updated 20th January 2021:

Many of the trees along Bramble Lane (just off Lord Street) are meant to be protected by a Tree Preservation Order, this was implemented shortly before the approval of the outline planning permission for High Leigh Garden Village. Its intent was simply to protect trees around the construction site, yet it has failed awfully as Broxbourne Borough Council seem eager to ignore it.

Instead our appalling Council, Broxbourne Borough Council, have allowed multiple ‘protected’ trees to be killed and removed. This is absolutely awful behaviour from our profit first Council.

We are meant to be working towards preserving nature, increasing biodiversity and fixing climate change – clearly Broxbourne Borough Council have other plans in mind.

Update 16/01/2021: Broxbourne Borough Council are urgently investigating the matter, it is currently believed that they did not give permission to remove all the trees that the developers have removed.

‘Protected’ Trees in and around area G7 of TPO
A sad state of affairs for these ‘protected trees’ Shame on Broxbourne Council. Section G7 of the TPO and nearby.
Before in and around G7 TPO area

After in and around G7 area, habitats, bushes, plants and trees all destroyed
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Workers Obscure Lord Street with their Vans and Cars

The workers have decided to block Lord Street with their cars and vans!

They have parked vehicles along Lord Street, blocking pedestrian access, especially for walkers, wheelchairs and pushchairs. Completely unacceptable! But is it surprising?

People, dogs and children will now walk in the road. This is dangerous and a health and safety issue.

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High Leigh Garden Village Phase 2

High Leigh Garden Village phase 2 application has been submitted.

You have until the 18th February 2020 to send your comments regarding phase 2 of the development to [email protected]

You can find the new reserved matters documents on the planning portal.

Planning reference: 07/13/0899/O
Reserved matters reference (new reserved matters documents can be found here): 07/20/0046/RM

Search the references on the Broxbourne planning portal:

Click here to go to the planning portal

Latest Information on High Leigh Garden Village

In response to questions 1, 4 and 5, the information that the Council holds on those with an interest in High Leigh is taken from the 2015 section 106 agreement on which the following names appear:

Mr D E Brock-Jest
Mr A C Spicer and Mr F T O’Connell (administrators for Hubert C Leach (High Leigh) Ltd Hubert C Leach (High Leigh) Ltd The Directors Empire LIH Limited Mr R A N Jest Mr T B Perkins

It is known to the Council that LIH has taken possession of the interests of Hubert C Leach (High Leigh) Ltd and it is understood that this company has no remaining interest.

The Council has met with the prospective developer of the majority of the High Leigh site and it is understood that LIH will publicise the identity of that developer shortly. However, at the present time that information is confidential.

LGO Complaint Upheld Against Broxbourne Borough Council – High Leigh Garden Village

On the 31st May 2019 a complaint against Broxbourne Borough Council was finalised and the complaint was upheld. This complaint was in relation to the late overnight works for High Leigh Garden Village.

Summary: Mr Y complains about the Council’s decision not to enforce against breaches of planning control at a development site close to his home. The Ombudsman does not uphold this part of the complaint because the Council was entitled to resolve the breaches informally. Mr Y also complains about the Council’s decision to grant permission for noisy works under Section 61 of the Control of Pollution Act. The Ombudsman finds fault because the Council approved the application without visiting the site and noting errors in the measurements. This meant the developer was not required to install additional acoustic barriers, and so Mr Y suffered more disturbance than necessary for eight nights in total. The Council will apologise and pay £150 to Mr Y.

LGO, 31st May 2019
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