High Leigh Hoddesdon is an Independent media organisation campaigning for a clear, transparent and a truthful development that honours the original planning permission that was agreed by Lands Improvement Holdings, Broxbourne Council and Hertfordshire County Council.

We are not against development in Hoddesdon, as we understand the need for more housing and facilites but we are against a development that is carried out in a way that is not sympathetic to local residents and businesses, in a way that breaches the planning permission or in any way that causes a nuisance. 

High Leigh Garden Village

This sites main focus is to cover news and release information relating to High Leigh Garden Village. However should other issues arise that are of significant concern to residents of Hoddesdon then we may also cover theses.

If you have been affected by an issue relating to High Leigh Garden Village such a potential breach of planning permission or nuisance then please see our Your Rights page.

For ongoing updates and news regarding High Leigh Garden Village please follow our partner group on Facebook: Stop High Leigh Garden Village.