Broxbourne Council allows Taylor Wimpey to gamble with local children’s health

The applicants, Taylor Wimpey and Lands Improvement Holdings have allowed large mounds of soil to be pilled up all over the site in warm and windy conditions.

Many of these mounds are entirely uncompressed and some will likely suffer significant wind whip, dispersing particles into the nearby air that residents breathe and covering their cars & property. Local residents on Lord Street, Kennedy avenue, Box Lane and beyond will likely be affected by the applicants inconsiderate actions. Some local residents are now reporting they have developed a cough.

The particles that are being released from the site into children’s lungs can cause a variety of respiratory damage and may worsen allergies or asthma. The applicant is fully aware of the “high risk” to human receptors in their Environmental Statement regarding PM10 and dust, yet they’ve largely ignore it, only occasionally implementing some measures.

Particulates released into the air, especially those PM2.5 and PM10 particles are particularly harmful to human health, not to mention the dust that builds up on local residents property.

Broxbourne Council are attempting to turn a blind eye to the Environmental destruction and issues High Leigh Garden Village is causing. They see complaints as problematic and seemingly want us to remain quiet.

The applicant needs to re-vegetate mounds that are exposed for long periods, install sufficient sprinklers, compress soil mounds and screen or cover mounds in windy weather.

The Council and Taylor Wimpey are risking the health of nearby children and adults by failing to require sufficient dust controls. The applicant desperately needs to join the CCS, the developers know the Council is useless and on side, so repeatedly state they will liase with the Council.

If you are concerned about yours or your children’s health and live within proximity to the site then please contact the council with your concerns. Unfortunately, they will likely attempt to downplay the issue or dismiss it. It is advisable to contact local councilors also as they are more likely to listen and handle your concerns properly.

What can you do?

Write, call or email Broxbourne Borough Council telling them they to protect local residents health from dust and micro particles such as PM10.

Write to: Broxbourne Borough Council, Bishops College, Churchgate, Cheshunt, Waltham Cross EN8 9XF

Email: [email protected]

Please also CC in: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

Phone: 01992 785577

In addition to this please raise the issue with Broxbourne Councillors, your MP and Councillors

Member of Parliament for Broxbourne:

Broxbourne Councillors:

What a council officer thinks of local residents complaining

May be an image of text that says "leave that between you, However, you will no doubt now be aware that every move up at High Leigh is being closely scrutinised by neighbours who are not shy about reporting every potential transgression of every condition on the outline and reserved matters through the Council's complaints procedure. That is very time consuming for all but becomes particularly problematic if and where the neighbours are correct n their assertions and we will need to enforce conditions compliance."
Snippet of email between Taylor Wimpey and Head of Planning and Development

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