Multitude of complaints regarding Taylor Wimpey properties on TrustPilot and Facebook

The new housing development of High Leigh Garden Village is being built in part by Taylor Wimpey.

Concerningly there are a substantial amount of Taylor Wimpey homebuyers on Facebook, twitter, BBC news and TrustPilot who have had issues with their property. Taylor Wimpey issues have also previously been highlighted on BBC Watchdog.

Purging Negative Trustpilot reviews

In the past twelve months (as of 10/03/2021) Taylor Wimpey has attempted to get 70 1 star reviews removed from their Trustpilot, 48 were removed and 23 remain online. This means Taylor Wimpey attempted to remove 23 1 star reviews that were in fact genuine and valid, a shocking amount!

In contrast Taylor Wimpey have not attempted to remove any 5, 4 or 3 star reviews in the past 12 months, their predominate focus on review removal has been on negative reviews unsurprisingly.

Below are the stats taken from 10th March 2021 on the amount of 1 star reviews they have removed.

Breakdown status from TrustPilot as of 10th March 2021

Below are some quotes from the Facebook groups:

Person on a group complaining their review got removed
Another person complaining their review got removed

1000’s of people in Taylor Wimpey Facebook groups – “Unhappy customers” and “Problem Homes”

There are two large facebook groups regarding Taylor Wimpey, one called “Taylor Wimpey – Unhappy Customers”: and another called “Taylor Wimpey Problem Homes” –

Each group contains a significant number of people complaining about their Taylor Wimpey properties, and how they have been affected by the issues.

Make sure to check out the Facebook groups to see the multitude of issues home buyers are having, it is a shockingly long list. Below are some quotes from the Facebook groups:

“300 faults were thrown up in independent report”

Two families will have to move out of their new-build homes for a second time because houses in their development have been plagued with problems

A shocking report from the BBC on the quality of Taylor Wimpey homes. How a home was signed off and allowed to be sold in the first place, with such a large amount of faults is very strange.

Taylor Wimpey Defects on BBC Watchdog

More info:

News Articles on Taylor Wimpey Property Issues

Taylor Wimpey House with crumbling Mortar –

Will buyers of High Leigh Garden Village properties, built by Taylor Wimpey, face similar issues in the future as have occurred on other developments?

New Homes Ombudsman – Coming soon?

Due many people struggling to resolve issues with their new homes, a New Homes Ombudsman is due to be setup in the future and likely this year.

According to current news it is expected to be launched later this year. However, The Ombudsman will not cover cases retrospectively and will only cover homes reserved from the date a developer registers with the NHQB and signs up to the new arrangements.

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  1. Multiple issues with my new home. I have been told by Taylor Wimpey to throw a bucket of cold water on to an expanding front door due to warm weather should I want to lock it.

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