Broxbourne Borough Council Give Green Light to Remove and Destroy ‘Protected’ Trees

Updated 20th January 2021:

Many of the trees along Bramble Lane (just off Lord Street) are meant to be protected by a Tree Preservation Order, this was implemented shortly before the approval of the outline planning permission for High Leigh Garden Village. Its intent was simply to protect trees around the construction site, yet it has failed awfully as Broxbourne Borough Council seem eager to ignore it.

Instead our appalling Council, Broxbourne Borough Council, have allowed multiple ‘protected’ trees to be killed and removed. This is absolutely awful behaviour from our profit first Council.

We are meant to be working towards preserving nature, increasing biodiversity and fixing climate change – clearly Broxbourne Borough Council have other plans in mind.

Update 16/01/2021: Broxbourne Borough Council are urgently investigating the matter, it is currently believed that they did not give permission to remove all the trees that the developers have removed.

‘Protected’ Trees in and around area G7 of TPO
A sad state of affairs for these ‘protected trees’ Shame on Broxbourne Council. Section G7 of the TPO and nearby.
Before in and around G7 TPO area

After in and around G7 area, habitats, bushes, plants and trees all destroyed

Tree Preservation Order

Bramble Lane is shown below. The images above are from in and around the area determined as G7 in the TPO. It is clear to see these were meant to be protected, with the middle section being unprotected, likely where the developers were meant to create their connecting road/ path to the other side of the development.

What can you do?

Write, call or email Broxbourne Borough Council telling them they need to honour the Tree Preservation Order and seek to protect the trees.

Write to: Broxbourne Borough Council, Bishops College, Churchgate, Cheshunt, Waltham Cross EN8 9XF

Email: [email protected]

Please also CC in: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

Phone: 01992 785577

In addition to this please raise the issue with Broxbourne Councillors, your MP and Councillors

Member of Parliament for Broxbourne:

Broxbourne Councillors:

Damage to Trees

G7 shows the protected area extending to both sides of Bramble Lane so this would certainly seem to indicate that not all the 34 trees listed as being within G7 still exist.  The TPO forbade cutting down, topping, lopping, uprooting, wilfully damaging, wilfully destroying, or causing or permitting any of these actions, to any of the trees specified within the Order.

In addition to the many trees removed, others on the eastern side have been lopped (by having branches removed), again this is forebode by the TPO.

Although it may not be covered within the Order, it’s very sad that much ground cover (bushes etc) have been ripped out on both sides.  Ground cover within the existing electrical sub-station has also been removed, and this is not even within the development site boundary!

Root Damage

Roots of trees have been shredded, compressed and ripped as Taylor Wimpey or their associates have moved so much heavy machinery and vehicles up and down Bramble Lane. Below you can find images of various trees and roots that have been affected.

Additionally some trees may have been damaged (below ground) by evacuation for the fencing. The fencing cement was also removed in a previous complaint. When will these protected trees get a break?

TPO fencing and signage now installed on Bramble Lane

The developer has now complied with installing TPO fencing and TPO signage on or around the 15th January 2021, as per the planning documents submitted for the reserved matters. Though the reactive resolution is appreciated, it will in no way undo the damage and destruction already done to the protected trees and their root balls. Significant works have already taken place on and around the trees.

Image may contain: tree, plant, outdoor and nature


A collection of images in relation to the works carried out on Bramble Lane for High Leigh Garden Village reserved matters and associated works nearby. Some of the nearby pictures are from further down Lord Street where the other part of High Leigh Garden Village is being built.

Who is responsible? Taylor Wimpey or Broxbourne Borough Council

Taylor Wimpey are one of the main developers undertaking the work for High Leigh Garden Village. Taylor Wimpey and their associated contractors and subcontractors have carried out the tree removal and destructive work on Bramble Lane.

Broxbourne Borough Council are the applicable council who are in charge of enforcing the TPO. Broxbourne Borough Council have carried out an inspection of the site and we are awaiting an update from them.

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Broxbourne Borough Council Give Green Light to Remove and Destroy 'Protected' Trees
Article Name
Broxbourne Borough Council Give Green Light to Remove and Destroy 'Protected' Trees
Taylor Wimpey have killed, damaged and lopped multiple 'protected' trees and their root balls.
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9 thoughts on “Broxbourne Borough Council Give Green Light to Remove and Destroy ‘Protected’ Trees”

  1. Leave the trees alone FFS – Enough of these ‘developments’ destroying our precious environment !!!

  2. Trees should be preserved and planted not destroyed …especially those that are already meant to be protected by a tree preservation order. They should not be removed for profit by greedy people …they are the lungs of the earth and protect the planet.

  3. What in god’s name are you doing this ? You people are killing the planet I give up with people like you your a complete waste of space

  4. It will cost a fortune to replace these trees and other undergrowth.
    Taylor Wimped MUST be MADE to pay for this destruction. Trees can take years to regrow. They protect us. We must protect them.
    Have developers NO understanding of environmental issues. Are all they interested in is money for themselves and destroying everything in their path in order to get it?

  5. If this is proved to be done by Tayor Wimpey without authorisation this article should be published nationally. This is happening all too often

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