Reserved Matters requests discharge of condition 33, shows where fencing is to be installed and to what specification – all ignored in recent fencing installation

What we know so far about this new fence

  • The fencing was installed without permission and without a condition 33 discharge, since this was likely being sort in the reserved matters.
  • The fencing is not installed to the standard listed in the reserved matters document.
  • The fencing is not installed in the location listed in the reserved matters document. It is installed right next to the trees on the other side.
  • Part of Bramble lane is incorporated in the development, and does not make up part of the boundary.
  • The trees may be unfairly impacted, as stated in the planning document “the impact of the above can take years to show”.
  • The document lists out reasons that Tree protection fencing should be used.
  • If this new fence is temporary, removing it again in a few years may cause further damage to the trees and roots.
  • We can’t locate reference to this fencing they have installed in any of the documents and it is not shown on the plans.
Red dotted line showing where TPO fencing was meant to be installed. The black lines show the boundary of the development, part of Bramble Lane is therefore part of the development as show in the plans. 07/20/0046/RM

This is an excerpt from the developers own reserved matters document, that can be found on Broxbourne Planning portal if you search the reference  07/20/0046/RM

Planning documents/ plans on Broxbourne Borough Councils Planning Site 07/20/0046/RM

How to locate the document in question

Search the reference 07/20/0046/RM on

You can find the document on page 4, called Planning Documents/ Planes with no title. The page of the tree protection fencing is on page 101 with the standard it is to be installed as

What is condition 33 of the outline planning permission?

This is from the outline planning permission, reference: 07/13/0899/O

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