FOI Request – Lists of remedial works – Dinant Link Road Roundabout

To allow information to be easily accessible, the following information from this FOI request has been published here for download. The FOI information posted here concerns the following request:

For any questions or queries regarding the information released here please contact Hertfordshire County Council.

Due to the file size of some documents they have been excluded. The document excluded is Site Inspection Photos.pdf file size: 454.08 MB. For a copy of this document please contact Hertfordshire County Council

All information provided above is not verified for accuracy by this agency. The information provided on this page and in these documents has been provided in the state as released by Hertfordshire County Council. All information provided above is subject to applicable UK laws including that of The Environmental Information Regulations 2004, The Freedom of Information Act 2000 and copyright. Please see below for more information.

“Any information request that is considered under the Freedom of
Information (FOI) Act or Environmental Information Regulations (EIR) must treat all requesters equally, as a consequence a Public Authority should only disclose information under the Act/ Regulations that they would disclose to anyone else who asked. In other words, Public Authorities should consider any information you release under the Act as if it were being released to the world at large as once a response has been sent then the requestor that receives that information is free to use that information in whatever way they deem e.g. share with other individuals, post on a blog or print in the media etc. The only restrictions on this, is the supply of documents under the legislation does not automatically give the requestor or organisation who receives the information a right to re-use the documents in a way that would infringe copyright. The requestor who receives the information under the legislation is obliged to respect the rights of the copyright owner. If they do not, the copyright owner can seek damages or an injunction for any infringement of copyright. Public Authorities may advise the requestor if the information requested under FOI or EIR is subject to copyright protection where known, however it is 
the responsibility of the applicant to ensure they do not infringe 
copyright. ” –

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