Residents want more transparency from Hertfordshire County Council and Paul Mason

Local residents want further transparency over the works on Dinant Link Road, Lord Street and the development in general from Hertfordshire County Council.

Recently we reached out to councillors of Hertfordshire County Council for a response, surprisingly we have not heard anything yet.

We asked Paul Mason the following but are still waiting for a response to this urgent matter:

1. Will the same contractors be allowed to carry out the works in Spring of 2019? In regards to this, many residents are concerned that the current contractors have failed to adequately carry out the works numerous times and questions regarding competency are now being raised.

2. Some local residents who have knowledge of construction have raised concerns over the turning force that will be exerted on surface of the dumbbell roundabout. There are concerns that the roundabout is not fit for purpose and will likely continually damaged in warmer summer months – when the surface of the road is more malleable and softer. In regards please could you answer the following:

(a) The steep turning/steering angle of vehicles, especially of heavy goods vehicles, may cause damage that warrants road repairs at an above average rate, do you agree with this?

(b) If you do not agree with the above, then are you able to offer any assurances that we will not seen continual roadworks on the dumbbell roundabout each year, to repair the surface?

(c) Do you believe the dumbbell roundabout has been well designed?

(d) Do you believe the dumbbell roundabout will be fit for purpose, once the remedial works are hopefully completed this spring?

(e) Do you anticipate the works in Spring 2019 on the dumbbell roundabout to be the final set of remedial works required?

(f) Are there any other concerns or worries you have regarding the Dinant Link Road dumbbell roundabout?

Should we receive a response we will publish them here.

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