There is a document produced in 2014 that clarifies the intended use of Lord Street (page A35/ A36) and it is clear from this document that Lord Street is being misused for utilities, when clearly these were meant to come via Hertford Road, except the sewer which was only advised.

“8.102 The principal service corridor into the site will be from Hertford Road to the north through land that is in the applicant’s ownership. Gas, water and electricity will brought in from this point.

It is extremely clear where the utilities were meant to come from (Hertford Road) and not via Lord Street. We hope Jeff Stack, the chief executive of Broxbourne Borough Council is able to provide some more insight regarding this document as his signature and name are listed on the final page.

In regards to the sewage it does however state: “8.104 The applicants have advised that the development would be sewered through Lord Street which is likely to necessitate the need for pumping from large parts of the development”

The document makes no reference to the need for a total closure or closure of any kind in regards to Lord Street for sewer works. The closure is unexpected and comes as a surprise to many residents who will be left inconvenienced.

The stance that utilities were always going to come via Lord Street, that Lands Improvement Holdings maintain is misguided and clearly false due to publication of this document and other meetings, such as at the spotlight.

Residents continue to be left in the dark as to why Lord Street is being used for utilities.

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