Paul McDiarmid from Lands Improvement Holdings sends residents unapologetic letter

Recently residents have received a letter from Paul McDiarmid of Lands Improvement Holdings, or as they now refer to themselves ‘Lands Improvement’.

This unapologetic letter states the time and place of their meeting where residents can ask the developers questions. It also states that the closure of Lord Street is expected to last no longer than 8 weeks and a total of 3 months of works. This seems a little hopeful based on the works carried out on Dinant Link Road dumbbell roundabout, which overran with multiple issues.

Make your voice known to any workers on Lord Street after the 7th January (in relation to these works), they aren’t welcome here.

Little concern is shown to residents in this letter, it merely states their intentions of what they will do. There are no apologies for inconvenience, it is apparent that they do not care about current residents.

Residents are going to be severely affected by these deceitful works on Lord Street, that were kept hidden until recently.

Why were these Lord Street works not disclosed at an earlier stage? Why were we told Lord Street would only be used in a limited capacity at The Spotlight?

If you will be affected by these works please see the Your Rights page and make sure to complaint.

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